The main purpose in inner healing is healing emotional garbage and dealing with deliverance is usually secondary.  There are times, however, when deliverance is called for first in order to break any strongholds. (See"Strongholds")

The demonic can access a person if these conditions exist:
1.  They have an "entry point".  This is an emotional or spiritual weakness in the person.
2.  They believe they have a "legal right."  Somehow the person has given up a spiritual right that violates the law of Scripture. 

If the person does not deal with these areas and receive inner healing then these doorways remain open and the demonic can claim access even though there has been deliverance.
"Perhaps the most important reason to use inner healing during deliverance is that the process enables us to really demonstrate the love of Jesus.  I can't overemphasize the fact that the main goal of deliverance, or any healing ministry, isn't simply to experience the power of Jesus or even to fight against and defeat the Enemy.  It is to minister the love of Jesus.  For if what we do isn't loving, it isn't being done in Jesus way.  . . . Jesus used his power to show his love.  So should we." (Charles H. Kraft, Defeating Dark Angels)

The first sign that a person needs deliverance may come during a prayer session when every attempt to bring healing to the situation seems to be blocked, no matter what methods are used.The supplicant may not be able to see anything. If the supplicant is able to (sense) a hurting situation, (he is not able to receive any healing coming from it.).  His perception of Jesus may be warped.  That is, he may (sense) Jesus doing something that is totally out of character (e.g. standing by while someone is being hurt).  The supplicant then has picked up a false view of Jesus somewhere, possibly from a harassing spirit. 

Another sign of harassment might come when a person is unwilling or unable to forgive those who hurt him, or those who had hurt people in the past generations of his family. The same root causes as listed in 
Generational Healing are almost always the sources of the demonic activity in family lines.  These evil spirits came in when ancestors turned away from God, whether that was through fear, grief, anger or because of a deep inner wound coming in from another person's violent action against them.  They came in great numbers, and with a deadly grip, if ancestors began to worship other gods and take part in occult, pagan, or satanic activity.  The spirits that entered the family line because of these aberrations are the most difficult to expel because they have come from the very place of evil, and have probably had their hooks into the family line for a very long time. Some of these "familiar spirits" can cause problems such as alcoholism,repeated cases of adultery or incest, rage, or unforgiveness.  Some of these spirits have come into the family line through curses that have been placed on a family member, and some come from sins that family members or the supplicant have been habitually engaged in.  But as soon as the supplicant renounces the activity where the involvement allowed them in, and takes the advice in the Epistle of James (James 1:6), the spirits are on their way out.

If, however, the person does not remain strong by "walking out" their healing the oppression can begin again.  It is up to the person to reject any attempts by the evil one and  stand firm in faith by believing God's truth found in Scripture vs. believing the lies that the enemy has fed to them previously.  Changing old habits, attitudes, and friends may be necessary.  Counseling, discipleship, or spiritual guidance is important in "walking out" the healing.

There is sometimes a need for deliverance when praying for healing of generations.  Usually celebrating the Eucharist for the family lines and healing the root cause is enough to make the harassing spirits leave.  At other times they have gained a stronger foothold because of subsequent hurts in the family line and hurting memories of the supplicant (the person being prayed with).  These have to be healed before the spirits will leave.

      Resource:  from generation to generation, A Manual for Healing, Patricia A. Smith

When to Call an Exorcist

Generally the job of the exorcist starts in cases of persons classified as infested with extraordinary phenomenon.  There are three classes of extraordinary infestation:  local, personal and diabolical. Local infestation occurs in or around material things, like houses and places.  Personal infestation occurs through our woundedness, by the person"s involvement in the occult or by black or white magic used against the person. Local and personal infestations are external, while diabolical is considered internal    Based on experience, well disposed deliverance ministers could perform healing and deliverance to persons infested locally and personally.  They can do simple exorcisms in the name of Jesus.  However, for difficult cases like demonic possession, they should seek the help of an official exorcist for solemn exorcism.

The following are the common symptoms of diabolical possession as opposed to psychological sickness.

  • Inefficacy of medicine
  • Aversion to the sacred
  • Sensibility to holy water and blessings
  • Violent, furious and aggressive reactions

For psychological infestation, if a psychiatrist is taking too much time to heal the psychologically sick person and his medicines seem to be ineffective, it is better for the psychologist to recommend the patient to see an exorcist for both deliverance and healing.  (Fr. Gabriele Amorth, The Exorcist and the Psychiatrist; Fr. Edgardo Arellano, Urgency of Deliverance Prayer and Healing Ministry)


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