In the inner healing process the struggles in our present lives areoften found to be rooted in early experiences in our childhood. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit the early experiences that have brought about unbiblical beliefs about who we are in Christ are healed.  We are set free to accept truth in our innermost being because it is Jesus who heals.  As a result of the experience of inner healing, we are freed from anxiety, stress, anger, fear, unforgiveness, etc.  Our relationships with others improves and a greater intimacy with Christ ensues.

This site organizes resources for those interested or involved in Christian-based inner healing.   It provides information, teachings and references to literature and ministries based on solid Christian principles of inner healing.

Our purpose is to bring a greater understanding of this work of the Holy Spirit to the greater community of believers. 

Please feel free to navigate the sidebar items and make comments as to content or links to other Christian based resources.



"  God has chosen to limit Himself when it comes to the human will.  What often stands between us and the good things God offers us is what we believe and the choices we make based on that belief."

Ed Smith
Theophostic Prayer Ministry

". . . our union with God - his presence with us, in which our aloneness is banished and the meaning and full purpose of human existence is realized - consists chiefly in a conversational relationship with God while we are each consistently and deeply engaged as his friend and colaborer in the affairs of the kingdom of the heavens."

Dallas Willard
Hearing God - Developing a Conversational Relationship with God

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